Mary is a senior manager who was having difficulty managing her workload and her stress levels.  During three two-hour coaching sessions we set clear short and long term goals and defined clear success measures. We brainstormed options for managing her workload and discussed techniques for stress management. By setting achievable goals and milestones Mary was able to track her progress between sessions, allowing us to concentrate on issues that were blocking her in achieving her goals. We defined clear actions plans for elements that Mary could change whilst using Cognitive Based Coaching to change her attitude to things that she couldn’t change. After the three coaching sessions Mary reported that her stress levels had gone down by 50% and she was managing her workload more proactively, delegating tasks to others and saying “no” to work outside of her own remit, allowing her to prioritise her time more effectively.

Job analysis

Cedar ADS Ltd conducted a job analysis exercise within a listed software company that highlighted duplication and ambiguity around senior roles. We     involved the senior team in defining the job domains enabling the company to adjust its organisational structure to better cope with its operational demands.
The resulting job descriptions clarified the requirements of each role and enabled more effective performance management and reward systems to be implemented. The person specifications were used to identify development needs of job incumbents and potential promotees and were also used to develop selection systems to ensure the best candidates were selected into the roles.

Executive coaching 2

“Work we did on my leadership style has helped me to make my leadership more effective across a range of situations. My coaching sessions also helped me to tackle some issues around lack of confidence in my ability.”

A senior manager in a Policy role in the Department for Children, Schools & Families.

Executive coaching 1

“Although I only had three (coaching sessions) they had a genuine impact on my         working. I was able to identify common patterns in my thought processes which I could see were unhelpful to my personal effectiveness in lots of different work situations. Karen showed me some ways in which I could be more effective and this has proved useful for me in my daily work. I now put into practice this style of management as I find it beneficial not just for me but also for my team.”

A senior manager in the Strategy Directorate of the DWP.

Assessment Centre Design

"We asked Cedar ADS to produce a group exercise and an analysis exercise to give our high calibre post graduates some realistic experience of a challenging assessment centre. We found the service offered by Cedar ADS to be quick and cost effective and the end result was of a very high quality. The students found the exercises to be realistic and stimulating and they produced evidence in the specific areas that we had requested."

Director of Career Development Services in a HE client

Job analysis
“I'd just like to say that this work is delivering exactly the type of changes that I wanted it to and I'm very pleased with what it is achieving. So thank you. It's an added bonus that people are saying that they enjoy the process too.”

Chief   Executive Officer of eg Solutions plc.

"Karen has been providing excellent Level A Psychometrics training for our MSc in Occupational Psychology students for the last seven years. The material is well-organised, up to date and she draws well on her extensive experience in the field. With the addition of the high quality of her delivery and advice producing very positive feedback from the students, Karen makes a really valuable contribution to our course."

Dr Kamal Birdi, Course Director, MSc in Occupational Psychology, Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield

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