Our team

Our associates are all highly experienced and skilled. Our Psychologists are all Chartered Occupational Psychologists with qualifications in Occupational Testing approved by the BPS. Our coaches are all trained in coaching techniques, have a minimum of 5 years coaching experience and are members of relevant professional bodies. The majority of our coaches hold relevant coaching qualifications. Our trainers are experienced in all the stages of training, including conducting Training Needs Analyses, designing training, delivering training and evaluating training outcomes.

Using the resources of our team we are able to provide practitioners who are experienced in using particular techniques and models, for example we can supply trainers who are experienced in using Transactional Analysis techniques in their training interventions and executive coaches who are experienced in using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to achieve lasting behaviour change.

Karen Tidswell
Karen Tidswell  BSc (hons). MSc. C.Occ.Psychol. CSci. AFBPS. MAC

Karen Tidswell is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Association of Coaching Accredited Coach with over 20 years of experience of assessing and developing individuals. Karen has a BSC (Hons) 1st Class degree and an MSC in occupational psychology. She is Level A and Level B (Full) qualified and is a BPS approved Level A assessor. Karen is trained in a broad range of psychometric instruments including OPQ, 16PF5, Hogan, Wave, MBTI, Firo B and emotional intelligence questionnaires. Karen has a Certificate in Coaching and a Diploma in Performance Coaching and is trained in both solution focussed coaching and Cognitive Based Coaching techniques.

Who we are
Cedar ADS Ltd is managed by Karen Tidswell, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Association for Coaching Accredited Coach. Karen manages the day to day running of Cedar ADS Ltd and also delivers projects for clients.

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